Improving E-Learning System

It is well known, on implementing the DLS in an educational establishment, one cannot do without a web-resource. This web-recourse will be the medium for the educational process.

    The choice in favor of the LMS Moodle is justified by:

  • a freeware system, which is open for specific purposes;
  • the clear logic of the DLS, the simplicity of learning and site operation;
  • the opportunity to improve and supplement the system.

This flexibility makes the LMS Moodle suitable both for the implementation in all educational establishments and businesses, and for the solvation of different problems. The adaptation of the implemented and customized DLS according to the specific requirements concludes in design (template) and functionality (modules).

Design and integrate Moodle themes

Beautiful unique design for your DLS/LMS

Any site appearance should be not only pleasant but also comfortable to users. An unpresentable design in common commercial site can cause a client to leave it in the first few seconds. The importance of the visual component for the DLS resource is hard to overestimate. It effects on the educational process quality, the audience satisfaction, and the financial results of the establishment.

Using the basic installation and setup all the LMS Moodle sites resemble to each other. They have a standard for the system, but not the best, JavaScript library — YUI (Yahoo User Interface Library) and other default settings. Ideally, a minimum customization is required. The solutions are simple and low cost: use the free template, make color corrections in the standard design, and replace the logo. As all open-source systems, Moodle has a lot of free themes/templates that are available as in standart package and in official repository, so you can select the one and download it. But most clients want to have beautiful individual design of their LMS, that will make their company corporate style and external website, that can support mobile devices, SEO-optimizing for search engines, and just attract potential clients. However, in this case, your DLS resource will duplicate dozens of others.

    Individual template will solve a few issues

  • Bring the resources into accordance with the establishment identity, to make it in the same style with an external website;
  • Structure the blocks, consist the appearance and design of the educational process
  • Simplify the user experience and reduce eye strain

It is noteworthy that this works in the Moodle environment require advanced skills. This caused primarily due to the structural features of the LMS database and the fact that the standard installation applies mostly unpopular and unusual approaches. Generalist, dealing with a variety of popular CMS, cannot guarantee the quality layout and a template adaptation for Moodle.

As a modern design will attract customers to your LMS

At the simplest example, consider a sample cycle steps to attract potential customers to your LMS.

Issuance of a Search Engines

SEO of Moodle projectWith the help of SEO-Optimization homepage DLS search engines index the site and put it on a profitable position for certain search queries. People come to the home page of DLS/LMS.

Targeted traffic for LMS website

SE traffic to client website with high conversionPeople go to the page of your LMS, where they see a beautiful page design, as well as a link in a prominent place, the logo of your external projects. Stylish design enhances loyalty.

Site visitor becomes a client

The conversion of traffic into money for the clientTargeted visitor studies materials as online LMS and on your external website. Proper nice site design and materials on the websites spodvigaet it become just your client.

Functional to your needs

Additional modules/plugins development for LMS Moodle

The LMS Moodle is a multifunction system that helps automate many processes. However, while launching the DLS, it often occurs that there are actions that also need formalization and synchronization with a distance learning web-resource. In these cases, already existing plugins can help. But if the task is specific, the professional development of the module for the LMS Moodle will be required.

One of most hard processes in LMS configure is programming (if it needle for your project). As any CMS or framework, Moodle has an own features of modules programming (here it named as “Blocks”). For example, system developers covered “context” system, that gives access to “instance” (course / question / quiz / module), so it need to be considered for right Moodle development. This is just one of lot of nuances.

Unfortunately, there are a few programmers able to provide writing such plugins, especially in Russia. Despite the popularity of the LMS Moodle among educational establishments, the system hasn’t had a sufficient dissemination among IT-specialists yet. The system is highly specialized and has a unique code structure and database. The LMS documentation is also insufficient. An unexperienced programmer hardly can cope with the development, as far as programming for Moodle requires not only a diligent study of the theory, but also the long-term obtainment of specific practical skills.

Last time system got strong pulse and has often updates, that proves about system is «live» and popular. Every new update contains a number of improvements, that should take into account. For example not far to seek, at end of 2010 system moved out from branch of 1.х.х to 2.x.x branch, that brings some problems to developers, because concept of development for second branch has undergone significant changes.

Professional programming for LMS Moodle

Right code structure, that match Moodle programming rules

LMS-Service team has sufficient experience in setup, configure, advanced design, plugins development and programmong for LMS Moodle. We will create for you modules like payment systems integration for LMS, webservices connect and others.

In addition to the commercial development, our company creates and uploads at open access a variety of templates and modules, thus contributing to the development and improvement of the LMS Moodle, as well as improve the skills of employees.

We guarantee you quality work, meeting deadlines and transparent pricing. Ensure high professionalism of our staff, see examples of successful projects.