Moodle hosting for your educational center

Features and specifications of the system

The LMS implementation requires such e-learning environment as the LMS Moodle. However, despite the maximum adaptability of the system to the needs of the educational process, it is very demanding to the hosted server resources. First of all, it relates to the existence of dynamic content. As far as the distance learning includes various tasks performing, tests taking, we cannot cache all information. All requests to the database are processed in a normal mode.

    The main technical requirements, according to the official recommendations are:

  • RAM: 2GB for the DLS of medium size;
  • server performance: the more powerful the processor, the faster the speed of pages loading.

How to ensure the smooth operation

why you should not choose a cheap web-hosting

There are plenty offers such as “free” or cheap hosting in the Internet. However, these proposals do not meet the technical requirements and cannot deal with loads which are typical for the LMS Moodle. As a result, we see off-sites, slow speed of loading pages and query processing.

In addition, the host server settings are important: they must not be focused on the needs of each of the “parked” sites. Also, the mismatch between the settings and the server software may lead to:

  • failure or malfunction of the LMS site;
  • incorrect script operation;
  • slow work.

Therefore, to avoid the quality of distance education reduction and the students discontent, it is the optimal solution to store the LMS on a dedicated server or on the VPS (virtual private server), specially-tuned and tailored to the LMS Moodle needs.

Server for Moodle from LMS-Service

We will ensure a stable work of your Distance Learning System

    To ensure a high quality and trouble-free work of your DLS, we offer you a high-performance dedicated server (or its part) configured specifically for the LMS Moodle:

  • on the Linux CentOS/Ubuntu distribution;
  • with a lot of RAM;
  • with regular backups of databases;
  • with PHP accelerators;
  • with Operational technical support.

Both the Dedicated server and the VPS allow controlling the configuration completely. Moreover, they ensure data security and allow forecasting the resources sufficiency.

Due to the abovementioned technical characteristics, we can provide trouble-free operation of your resource, even if the load is uneven. This is very important because, on testing or real time webcasting, the number of requests boost dramatically, while the speed of information delivery falls.

After setting up your LMS Moodle, we will be able to offer you a hosting solution, according to your educational establishment, courses complexity and the number of students. Students, who even have a low speed access to the Internet, will experience minimal inconvenience during their online learning. With our hosting your LMS will work stably and reliably at minimum costs.