Search engine optimization of your external website

Smart optimization will contribute its promotion in search engines for growth in sales and help beat the competition

Today most people became active Internet users. When it’s time for prospective students to make a decision about their future studies, they look thoroughly for the information about higher education with a help of search engines. Before making a call or visit the educational institution, more than once they will visit your site and compare your services with the services of your competitors.

If your educational institution has an implemented DLS (Distance Learning System), most probably, there exists a corresponding Web resource as some environment for the educational process. Nevertheless, the LMS Moodle web-site in an educational institution is a great tool for the internal learning environment and the e-learning system developing. The Moodle web-site is not an information source providing such data as:

  • History and general information about the education establishment;
  • Entry requirements;
  • Curriculum and available education courses;
  • Admission documents;
  • Academic staff information, etc

Thus, applicants need a separate web-site which is easily found by search engines. This web-site will be able to outfit all requested information. Our profound experience in educational sphere allows us to create beautiful, comfortable and functional web-sites. Due to this resource, the prestige of an educational institution and the quantitative and qualitative composition of the students increase.

Become «closer» for your potential customers

and increase traffic to your site using an external set of measures for search engine optimization

Not only is the external web-site of the educational institution required for the best effect, but also the maintenance of its traffic and the effectiveness. Specifying appropriate requests, such as “accountant courses” or “declarant courses,” people usually surf from 3 to-5 top web-sites. However, at the present level of the Internet development, it is impossible to bring your site to the top five of a search engine’s page ranking without its optimization.

«Well, of course! here at my organization has a website based on Joomla, has 37 place in Google and even bought contextual advertising on AdWords, but the client does not go, that’s not going to sale…»

The fact is that «client» is OK, he just chose a more concise, beautiful competitor’s site that was, though not in the first place, but in the first ten / first page before viewing this site 3-5 competitors who were in higher positions.

    The success of the resource depends on:

  • Quality, structure, information content (internal factors);
  • Appearance and popularity in the Internet (external factors, contextual advertising);
  • Visitors loyalty and satisfaction (usability, social marketing).

For our clients we choose symbiosis of balanced foreign optimization competent internal optimization (very often a question may arise about the update or WordPress sites development (fresh, beautiful, functional), immediately warned that this is not «services of thumb sucking», more on this you can read here) and carefully targeted contextual advertising, or for the first time, or permanent.

As a modern web-design will attract customers to your LMS

At the simplest example, consider a sample cycle steps to attract potential customers to your LMS.

Results in Search Engines

SEO of Moodle projectThanks to SEO-Optimization external site search engines index the site and put it on a profitable position for certain search queries. People come into your site.

Targeted traffic to the LMS website

Traffic to the site of the client with high conversionVisitors comes into your external website where he sees a beautiful functional site, as well as a link in a prominent place, the logo of your external projects. Stylish design enhances loyalty.

The visitor becomes a customer

The conversion of traffic into money for the clientTargeted visitor studies materials as your external website and online LMS. Proper nice site design and materials on the websites coerce him to become exactly your client.

Let’s make the site informative for people and excellent for search engines

First of all, the site must meet the requirements of the search engines in order to appear in the top of the search engine rankings. The requirements define the criteria, and a high-quality resource must correspond to them. The main requirements are functionality and usability for users. This means that the site should:

  • contain unique and useful information;
  • have a pleasant design and convenient, intuitive arrangement of blocks;
  • be structured, help users to find information quickly.

In addition to the official position, there are some criteria needed for search engines:

  • Keywords of the user’s request;
  • Latent semantic index;
  • Internal links weight distribution;
  • The availability and an accurate execution of service elements robots.txt and sitemap;
  • Other specific parameters.

However, the correspondence to the all criteria does not guarantee results. If the web-site will be uncomfortable and/or will contain useless, non-unique information, a user will immediately leave it. Therefore, we pay a special attention the design and usability while creating your website. A quality website optimization helps it to be useful both for people and search engines.

While working with your resources, first of all, we will find a relevant semantic kernel. This is a list of requests which are often used by your prospective students. This list will be necessary in meta tags optimization, the text content preparation, and, in future, it will help with working on the external factors. Also, as part of internal optimization, we perform relinking, develop a correct file robots.txt, give an advice on the photo and video content, etc.

External promotion of educational site

How to make an authoritative website, and why is it important for your site

Beautiful and optimized website is not everything. In order To get into the top of a search engine page ranking, it is highly necessary to gain sufficient credibility. The famous analogy with world of science is quite appropriate here: the most respected scientists are those which are the most commonly cited.

    In the process of elaboration of external factors, we will:

  • place the information about the learning center in the address service;
  • customize webmasters’ toolbars;
  • establish a Yandex metric, Google analytics, counters;
  • provide the citation of the site (we will buy links), etc.

Most of the work on the external promotion is a process of links building. It is highly important to not only have a positive impact on the positions’ growth, but also do not harm. That is why we use only proven algorithms of the site placement selection, its promotion, eternal links and other techniques. Only quality links to your site posted on the topical resources will provide not only the site position improvement but also an additional traffic (visitors).

A combination of external and internal promotion will provide the desired result. After 5-6 months of work on the optimization of your site will take a leading position in the organic search results. But how to get clients before this?

Contextual advertising — results from the first days of work

Entrust ads tuning to professionals and get more students for less money

Contextual advertising is a block of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), located a little on the side and above the search results. As long as your website is not enough optimized and do not obtain the top positions, contextual advertising will bear the main stream of applicants.

The main context systems are Yandex Direct and Google Adwords. While showing contextual ads linked to your resource on base of the auction, they debit the money for website referrals from your system account.

It is important to evaluate the structure of the advertising campaign, to arrange it, to prepare texts for ads. Consequently, the budget is spent more economically and efficiently. The target audience will see the ads, and therefore, the percentage of the future students, will be higher. Another important factor is that the increased number of visits will have a positive impact on the SERP.

It’s essential not only to adjust the advertising campaign correctly, but also to make corrections timely. If the structure is faultless, then the analysis will be simple. As a result, the received conclusions will help to reallocate funds in favor of more effective directions and debug settings for greater efficiency.

Social marketing and the Soc. Networks promotion

Now, as the popularity of social networks is difficult to overestimate, you should use them as a mean for students attraction. This is a very important aspect for the loyalty formation, because the potential audience will:

  • recognize workers faces of the educational establishment;
  • read reviews and ask questions to those who have studied and/or employees of the center;
  • go dipper into the life of the educational establishment, by viewing photos and videos, reading the dialogues, surfing the Moodle DLS site, etc

The company’s presence in the social networks gives a positive signal not only to people, but also to the search engines. The main work focused in this direction is located on the page that presents your center: filling in a profile, discussions, information, photos and video, etc

We will analyze your target audience and pick out the social media, which provide the most effective return. Social marketing is able not only to boost loyalty but also to attract applicants with a help of targeted advertising.

Certainly, the right information, timely derived from social networks, will help an applicant to make a final decision in favor of your educational institution.

Make your website a major media channel for recruiting students

Only an integrated approach to the promotion will provide the maximum synergistic effect of the described activities

Site optimization of the educational establishment has its own specifics. Having a great experience with this subject, our team will surely help your web-resource to take the top positions in SERP.

You will make sure of that by examining the successful results of our clients. After the termination of the works on the site of your educational intitution, you’ll be able to control the positive dynamics of your own project development in the Analytics and Metrics.