From the beginning of first Moodle versions, developers have the basis frontend-framework YUI (Yahoo User Interface), but it was not so good solution for third-party developers because of low popularity/community and complexity hardly use the one, so they didn’t use YUI at own Moodle plugins and themes development and uses jQuery. Fortunately or not, at […]

So, after the November updates to version 2.8 was exactly half a year, we recall that Moodle HQ on schedule lays out a new release every six months, in November and May. Thus, May 11, 2015 is now available for download the new version of Moodle 2.9. This release incorporates a large number of innovations: […]

Friends, we are pleased to inform you that in St. Petersburg was formed e-Learning community and the first community meeting will be held on June 6, 2015 in the framework of the IT Global Meetup, which brings together all IT and near-IT communities of the city. Such events are held every three months, but in […]

Any site in the development should be tested from different angles: HTML-layout, functionality, server load, usability, and it is necessary to check on the test content. But if in the case of a conventional site, we can easily and quickly fill several pages of simple content like lorem ipsum, then, in the case of Moodle, […]

Privacy (confidentiality) of data is of great importance, especially in projects such as distance education based on Moodle, because administrator has to upload a lot of inside information: orders, lists, guidelines, certifications and so forth. Agree, this information is intended only for only some people, ie, for internal use and leakage of information is not […]

New Year comes, it’s time to make gifts to our users and clients, so we decided to make some useful changes at still the only in the official Moodle repository, authentication plugin via OAuth social networks (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, VKontakte, Yandex, Mail .ru). The changes are not so grandiose, but hopefully useful to the […]

Very soon will come in 2015, we wish you and your loved ones, first of all, good health, and fulfillment of your desires, happiness and prosperity in the family will make sure! In terms of working with Moodle, we wish you a minimum of problems with the system, obedient students/users an easy and simple administration […]