Educational institutions needs a website

Why, in addition to an LMS web resource requires an external site

To date, virtually no organizations that do not have their own website. And it’s not a fad, but a real opportunity to increase number of clients and reduce the involvement of human resources.

Particularly relevant is the availability of the site for educational institutions, both commercial and public. This is due primarily to the mainstreaming of distance learning, which is organized on the basis of LMS. However, the site LMS performs well-defined series of internal problems. It’s not presents an educational institution for Internet users, not a tool to attract new students and do not perform the function of informing. For these purposes require a separate, external website.

How a modern design will attract customers to your LMS

At the simplest example, consider a sample loop steps to attract potential customers to your LMS.

Search engines search results

SEO promotion of Moodle projectThanks to SEO-Optimization of the main page DLS search engines index the site and put it at advantageous positions for your specific needs. People go to the LMS homepage.

Targeted traffic to LMS website

Traffic to client website with high conversionPeople comes to the homepage of your LMS, where they sees beautifully designed page, as well as a link in a prominent place, the logo of your external project. Stylish design increases loyalty.

The visitor becomes a customer

Traffic conversion to money for a clientTargeted visitors exploring materials at LMS site and at your external website. Proper beautiful design of the website and material on the sites induce him to be exactly your customer.

Right CMS — half of the battle

Choose the best: more than 50% of the sites of the world Powered by WordPress

The foundation of any website is a CMS (content management system). It affects the functionality, ease of site administration, performance and potential for search engine promotion and optimization.

By far the most popular in the world is the CMS WordPress. Due to the adaptability and variety of solutions it is widely used for organizing personal blogs, as well as for the implementation of a large-scale commercial and information projects, such as the New York Times and CNN.

If you still do not have your own external site, then opt for WordPress is the first step towards the creation of a modern and attractive web site, which will contribute to the success of your project. It will be an excellent complement and support the Web interface LMS.

If your site is functioning for a long time, but it does not bring the desired results, as evidenced by the statistics services analysts, make sure you need to change. Creating a new site, according to the latest requirements and standards more promising solution than making edits to an existing implementation. The new resource based on WordPress will provide your institution impressive development potential, and your employees are guaranteed to appreciate the simplicity and accessibility of the CMS.

Why WordPress site the best solution

Advantages of the system, making it the market leader

Budget savings
The system is free, which significantly reduces the cost of individual design and customization.
The system is free, which significantly reduces the cost of individual design and customization.
A strong visual editor, no need to use FTP-client and logical construction of the system makes it simple and straightforward administration. You will be able to work on the content and development of the site on their own without any special knowledge.
Reliability and safety
The system uses plug-ins, protecting the site from external attacks, and protected from spambots. WordPress offers stability and resiliency. Due to the massive use of this CMS errors and omissions quickly identified and fixed.
Powerful core, adaptability, cross-browser layout validity and flexibility due to the existence of a large number of plugins allow you to implement even the most complex ideas. A opensource system makes it possible, if necessary, create new modules, consistent with the objectives of the project.
Optimization suitability
Sites made based on WordPress, well ranked by the search engines. This is facilitated by competent architecture, quality code, SEO-plugins, etc.

Site of any complexity on the CMS WordPress

From simple corporate site to the directory of courses

We have extensive experience working with CMS WordPress, which makes it possible to implement the optimal functional and beautiful external solutions. And using the popular and multifunctional CSS-framework Booststap, in combination with WordPress, allows us to create quality sites with attractive, adaptive design in the shortest possible time.

In addition to commercial development and maintenance of websites, we are active in community work related to the improvement and development of the CMS. For example, regularly organize meetings webmasters informal WordPress community in St. Petersburg, sometimes participate in such events in Moscow, engaged programming for Moodle and WordPress.

It is also important that our company is ready to offer you a full range of services from hosting and SEO-promoting your site prior to DLS implementation based on LMS Moodle. The quality of services is complemented by an adequate amount and speed of performance, which is achieved by many years of professional developments.

Contact us, and instead of the usual site, you will get a powerful business tool that facilitates the realization of all your goals and issues.