Distance education organization based on E-Learning LMS Moodle

Moodle is the most common Open Source (open Software) Distance Learning System (DLS) in the world that allows to implement distance learning technologies.

Having a sufficient experience in Moodle world and in distance education in general, we offer DLS/LMS integration to educational institutions (including schools, high schools, organizations, and training centers) for its automation and increase of effectiveness.

First of all, of course, this is services for Moodle like: LMS Setup and Support, training of system administration, programming / development desired functional, but our solutions range is vast and not limited to only work on the organization of distance learning. In fact, many such projects always require range of support services and solutions. The most primitive support services are, for example, hosting (server for Moodle) or Moodle theme improve, more difficult is webinar organization for remote lectures, and also package of services of creating (beautiful functional WordPress websites), supporting and SEO/SMM-optimization of your external project to attract students (customers) for your business.

Moodle (PHP + MySQL)
CSS2/CSS3 + HTML4/HTML5 + Bootstrap
WordPress (external website)
Javascript (jQuery / YUI / AngularJS)
Moodle for learning centers
Solutions for e-learning centers
Learning centers. Automation

Learning Centers is a business in its classical form, which is based only on their strength and seeks to automate processes and reduce costs.

Moodle для корпоративного обучения
Business. Corporate Training

Every company has its own standards and work features, longstanding employees can improve their skills and new ones quickly involved in the process.

Moodle для ВУЗов
H.S. Monitoring of academic performance

Many universities already use Moodle. This allows you to automate the monitoring of student performance and reduce the load on the «teach».

Moodle for schools
Schools. Control and adaptation

Many schools do not have the introduction of LMS. Schools that integrated LMS mark of interest from parents to this system of learning.

Setup and Support

From installing to mail setup, cron's and SCORM-packages

Moodle setup is quite an easy process, but its correct setting requires some knowledge and experience for a successful administration.


Additional plugins development orientated for your purposes

Non-standard tasks are always exist. Here these tasks are solved by blocks/modules/plug-ins/filters. We take its uneasy development upon ourselves, so we'll program everything as it should be!

Another solutions

Webinars, hosting, creation and SEO of external resource, etc.

If standard theme designs don't suit you, or it is needed a server setting up for DLS or creation and promotion of your basic website and other things, our knowledge and experience will be helpful.

Provide solutions for:

All business, including educational is a set of tools, a constant search of costs optimization and time for income incresement. Learning process automation is the essential tool for training centers that let to save time and gives opportunities for better income.

Most educational centers all over the world use Moodle as a basic or supplementary learning tool for their listeners. Your professors can check material retention quickly and students can solidify their knowledge efficiently. Your external website on WordPress + DLS/LMS = increase and automation of your income.

What is the benefit for Training Centers?

Distance courses

Students get paid access to your LMS and take classes. Minimum participation is required from professors during learning process.

Learning process automation

You'll forget about routine learning process organization for a long time, while have implemented LMS Moodle once. The only thing you'll have to do is to support and refresh the material.

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Our services are b2b-oriented. We strive for high-quality Moodle services supply as it leads to higher income and satisfaction of our clients. If you have any questions or desires, please contact us.

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