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What can I say? Moodle core-developers carry out their plans for the timely issuance of releases, namely twice a year — in November and May. So, November 10 released a new Moodle version 2.8, and on November 13 released the updated version 2.8.1, you can download it here. Looking ahead, we want to say that quite a few changes in the appearance of the template by default, as well as many changes in the Forum module. Based on the desires and demands of users, developers have made a number of innovations Let’s look at the innovations newer version.

New and improved history ratings reports

Moodle Grade History
Go to needle course in the widget Administration > Grade Administration > Grade history — this page allows teachers to choose a particular student and preparing a report on his performance for the period. You can view the revised estimates and save the data as a CSV, and a regular table Excel / Libre Office. In general, we note that the discharge has become more clear, fast and easy.

Improved Users Grades Report

Moodle Course Grade Settings
First of all, it is worth noting changed for the better, the new design of this page. It’s also available for the following navigation: go to needle course, widget Administration, go to Grades — in the next page, you will find in the same widget Administration menu Setup, and in its sub menu Course grade settings. Clearer reporting settings available – instead of checkboxes now have the items in the drop-down menu. Were fixed some errors related to incorrect addition of classes in some rare cases. Added function to check the data retention when trying to close the browser window. For this innovation special thanks to John Okely, and a description of amendments contained in the ticket 47064.

Text autosave in the visual editor

Moodle auto-save draft
Text typed in the embedded text editor in Moodle Atto now automatically saving as the draft, even if you leave the page. By default, the update period of the draft is 60 seconds, but you can always change it: widget Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Text editors > Atto HTML-editor > Atto toolbar settings.

Beautiful newly user dropdown menu

Moodle dropdown menu Bootstrap
Bootstrap CSS-framework is increasingly integrated in the Moodle base theme (by the way, we do web-programming for Moodle: themes, templates, plugins, modules), although it is worth noting that stylization is built on a 2.x.x branch of Bootstrap framework, although more than a year-to-date version 3.xx, but this stuff. In our opinion, the new menu is very stylish, modern and pleasing to the eye.

Forum replies rating

Forum reply rating
Now it will be easier to find a useful statement in the forum, since added the ability to “like” liked message at the topic, it’s like the “Like” button on Facebook. Great innovation!

Upload private files just via sending email

Moodle EMail private files
A new feature is easy to upload private files in your Moodle profile. Now, just setup mail settings and you will allow to upload files adjusting them to a special e-mail. Mail Settings available: widget Administration > Site administration > Server> incoming mail configuration > Mail settings.

Subscribe for a needle forum discussion

Subscribe to Moodle Forum
We have long waited for, now you can subscribe for a separate discussion at forum, rather than on the entire forum as a whole. Sometimes it happens that either you asked a question on the forum and want to receive notification of replies, or else you are interested in a particular topic in this forum and you want to keep track of the answers in it. Previously, it was necessary to subscribe to the entire forum and be notified of all the topics in it, now everything has changed for the better.

Reply to forum by email

Moodle reply by email
If you check “Always send email from the no-reply address?” at widget Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Message outputs > Email as well as activate and configure message handlers in the widget Administration > Site administration > Server > Incoming mail configuration > Mail settings, you will be able to reply to forum via mail without entering the forum itself. Just when you subscribe to a forum or a separate branch in the forum, you’ll get a notification to your email, you will be able to answer just by mail.

Clear add quiz dropdown menu

Moodle quiz add question menu
New drop-down menu allows for quickly add the question to the Moodle quiz — when you click add a menu pops up with type of question options.

Moodle events subscribing/monitoring

Subscribe for Moodle Events
There is an old feature about to view events: widget Administration > Site administration > Reports > Events List, and now appeared menu Event monitoring rules. Event Monitoring allows teachers and administrators to be notified about new events in their Moodle, at the same time, students can also get access to the monitoring, but if they have permissions like tool/monitor:subscribe, nevertheless security policy does not recommend open these permissions for students.

Other changes and fixes

  1. Correction about support .mp4 video format for Firefox browser — the ticket #48093 from Moodle tracker about this problem
  2. LTI2 (Learning Tools Interoperability) support integrated
  3. Improved images support at questions/quizes/tests — #38560 ticket
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  • Anne Grant

    Thanks for Moodle 2.8 release review! New feaures of version 2.8.1 are great but not so fantastic then i’m looked forward, i don’t understand about why are programmers did event monitor, but good fix with MP4 video FIX for Firefox. I think a great solution is Moodle-based certificates with fine admisistration. Igor, do you think updating 2.6.5 -> 2.8.1 is good at this moment?

    • LMS Service

      Hi, Anne! This overview contains only main features and fixes at Moodle 2.8/2.8.1 version, but I agree with you about fixes are small and i think it very indeed, Moodle can improve only with small improvements like these ones, so core-development guys are cool and my respect for them! Certificates is a good idea, our team work around it, hope will done soon)) Of course, you need to update your Moodle, but before you need to save the current Moodle (PHP files + Database file). Keep read our blog, Anne and stay in touch.

  • David

    At next week will be available Moodle 2.8.2, hope to get review at your blog, Igor 😉

    • LMS Service

      Hi, David, will be done asap, be sure)

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