From the beginning of first Moodle versions, developers have the basis frontend-framework YUI (Yahoo User Interface), but it was not so good solution for third-party developers because of low popularity/community and complexity hardly use the one, so they didn’t use YUI at own Moodle plugins and themes development and uses jQuery. Fortunately or not, at […]

Any site in the development should be tested from different angles: HTML-layout, functionality, server load, usability, and it is necessary to check on the test content. But if in the case of a conventional site, we can easily and quickly fill several pages of simple content like lorem ipsum, then, in the case of Moodle, […]

Privacy (confidentiality) of data is of great importance, especially in projects such as distance education based on Moodle, because administrator has to upload a lot of inside information: orders, lists, guidelines, certifications and so forth. Agree, this information is intended only for only some people, ie, for internal use and leakage of information is not […]

If you decide to opt for distance learning based on Moodle, but have not figured out the sequence of the process, this article will help you to understand the most important stages. Usually they occur in the same order: Deciding on the need for a remote form of education and identification platform for its implementation […]