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Starting with version 2.7 Moodle has a new stylish and pleasant visual editor Atto. Editor is included as a mandatory plugin in the system, which has its own settings. Users liked this visual editor, judging by the reviews, but there were some difficulties due to the fact that the basic functionality of the editor is limited. Indeed, the basic version of the editor functionality significantly cut down to the most basic editing functions, so in this article we will help you properly editor tweaking it to your needs.

Customizing visual editor panel

Moodle Atto settingsGo to the admin panel as the Moodle administrator. Visit the following navigation:
Block Settings » Administration » Plug-ins » Text Editors » HTML-editor Atto » Toolbar Options Atto.

Go down to the block Configuration panel. Here is possible to configure the control panel editor Atto. Let’s look at the default values:

  1. collapse = collapseShow / hide additional buttons
  2. style1 = title, bold, italic — The upper left block with three buttons Paragraph Styles, bold, italic
  3. list = unorderedlist, orderedlist — Second from left block with the unordered list, numbered list
  4. links = link — The next upper unit with two buttons Links (define the link and remove link)
  5. files = image, media, managefiles — The last block with the buttons on top of the Picture, Media, File Management
  6. style2 = underline, strike, subscript, superscript — The second unit on top with buttons on the left: Underline, Strikethrough, Subscript, Superscript
  7. align = align — The next block of buttons (opens when you click Show / hide additional buttons) with one-click Text Alignment
  8. indent = indent — The Indent
  9. insert = equation, charmap, table, clearEquation Editor, Insert Symbol, Table, Clear Formatting
  10. undo = undoUndo / Redo
  11. accessibility = accessibilitychecker, accessibilityhelper — The next block of buttons: Check availability assistant for the visually impaired
  12. other = html — Button HTML (HTML-editing)

Adding new button

New Atto editor button in Moodle adminTo add a new button or remove existing in a given block of buttons you enough to correct the text box settings named Configuration panel. All keys codes and their descriptions can be found in the table Plugins editor Atto of Atto settings page. Let’s say you want to add the button Font Color (fontcolor) to the buttons block Paragraph Styles, bold, italic.

    To do this you need:

  1. Identify the necessary buttons that you want to insert or remove — from the table Plugins editor Atto (in this case, for example, fontcolor)
  2. Identify the code block in which you want to insert or remove a button to set up Configuration panel (in this case style1 = title, bold, italic)

Next, go to the setup area Configuration panel. In our case, we need to add a comma new button fontcolor block style1 = title, bold, italic & mdash; should have style1 = title, bold, italic , fontcolor. Click Save Changes. In order for the changes to take effect immediately, preferably Clear all caches (Block Settings » Administration » Development » Clear all caches).

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