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If you decide to opt for distance learning based on Moodle, but have not figured out the sequence of the process, this article will help you to understand the most important stages. Usually they occur in the same order:

  1. Deciding on the need for a remote form of education and identification platform for its implementation
  2. Choice of provider, performing LMS hosting projects
  3. Installation and initial setup
  4. Further development in accordance with the needs of the institution: Moodle theme design, programming for Moodle, plugins development

Why Moodle based distance learning organization stands to professionals?

Once the institution there is a need in the implementation of the DLS, the responsible persons begin monitoring the competition and create an implementation plan. Opting for LMS Moodle is well founded:

  • this is the most common e-learning platform in the world;
  • it is open to improvements and supported by large community;
  • it has almost unlimited possibilities about modifications;
  • its interface and user part is easy to learn and use.

At this stage of independent work is terminated. If you want additional income with organization of distance learning based on Moodle and not create unnecessary problems — you should consult a professionals and not rely on our own strength. The best option will be the contractor provides a full range of services related to the integration of LMS.

Hosting, setup and programming for Moodle: what to look for

Before starting work on installing and configuring the system, you must select a server. Because it is demanding to resource potential, very few companies are can offer hosting/server projects for distance learning. It is better to give preference to a server that is configured specifically for Moodle.

The next step is an LMS direct integration. The resulting version of the “default” has the typical design and content. Minimum issue — is to replace the standard, but not the most relevant components as well as the transformation of the appearance of the web interface.

When work on the setting will be completed, you can proceed to the administration and filling. Companies seeking to organize a distance education at international standards, interested in expanding functional Moodle. This is due to the fact that the available functionality in the base install will be limited starting opportunities system.

    Extend it in several ways:

  • if you want to save the budget, use ready-made solution that offers the developer community
  • if the priority of individualization and compliance with internal processes, your project needs programming for Moodle

The growth potential of distance learning system

LMS Web-resource — this is like the virtual learning environment. Inform potential students about the DLS existence in your institution and their involvement is done by creating an external site based on WordPress. If you has not the one, you should order its development and promotion. These activities will be repaid quickly, providing the flow of entrants and full representation of the company on the Internet.

And remember that the integrated approach provides a synergistic effect. Therefore, contact the companies offering the whole range of services from hosting projects to developing Moodle plugins/modules.

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